Hello everyone, and welcome to the new and improved Hytale Names website! - Noah

The current version of HytaleNames offers the following new features:

  • Create your own personalized Biography on your HytaleNames profile.

  • When people search a name similar to your HytaleHub account name, they will see your profile and biography.

  • View Names that are the most Trending, Names that have the most overall searches, and Names that have the most overall Saves.

  • Save and keep track of specific Hytale Names in order to keep tabs on their popularity.

  • Look up specific Hytale Names that you want, and check how many times that Name has been searched or saved.

  • Check whether someone else has a HytaleHub Network account with a similar Name to the one you're looking for.

  • Integrated Single-Sign-On, allowing you to use your HytaleHub account to log into any associated HytaleHub Network website, including HytaleNames.org!

Once Hytale releases, this website plans to offer the following new features:

  • Accounts and biographies will have the option to have verified in-game official Hytale Names attached to them, featuring other game data from that Account.

  • Verified Accounts will be able to give commendations and post comments to Profiles in order to Vouch for them.

  • In-game availability of Hytale Names will be tracked live, and give notifications to those who Saved the name if they become available.

  • Name pages will show whether an official Hytale account has taken the Name or not, in addition to the currently live indicator of whether a HytaleHub account uses the Name or not.

Hypixel Studios has confirmed that Names will be Unique in Hytale, meaning that each individual name is incredibly valuable (Especially the "OG" ones), so if you're interested in a particular name, it's worth keeping tabs on it via this website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will profiles feature player skins, friends, and other in-game data in the future?

- Yes, these features are planned to be included on verified user profiles.

What happens if I commend a player profile?

- Commending a player profile is a digital "pat on the back", or can be considered as a "Vouch", a way to tell other people that the person is trustworthy and meritable. If a verified profile has many commendations, you'll be more assured that they are a trustworthy person!

Is this website affiliated with Hypixel Studios?

- We are not affiliated with Hypixel Studios. We're just a group of avid Hytalers who want to help the community!

When will Hytalenames.org start utilizing the Hytale API to access in-game data such as Name availability and Player Data?

- There isn't an official Hytale release date yet, so we don't know when the API will become available. Our guess is that upon the release of Hytale, or soon before the release of Hytale, Hypixel Studios will make the API available.

I have a question and it is not mentioned in this list. Where do I ask my question?

- Any question you have will be answered by our support team which is situated on the HytaleHub Network discord server at: https://discord.gg/cBzkpdGeBa It is always monitored by one of our staff members and we'll do our best to help you use the website.

We hope you will find this website handy, and hopefully this blog post has given you some insight about the revamped website. Be on the lookout for more blog posts and we hope to see you on the next one!